We travelled through very high passes to reach Austria.
Austria is a Federal Republic. Thomas Klestil is the president and Wolfgang Schuessel is chancellor. About six Austrian Schillings equal a dollar. One of the most beautiful products of Austria is lead crystal. Most Austrians speak German.

The city of Innsbruck was the site of several Winter Olympics. It is a very old city. Outside of a jewelry shop appears this trough for dogs to get a drink of water.

We stayed at the Hotel Grauer Bar. The dining room was dated 1594. Our hotel room had a lovely view of the Alps.

The Golden Roof was a wedding gift to Maria Theresa from King Louis XIV.
We rode in a horse and carriage around a quaint old village.
Afterwards, we enjoyed a performance of Bavarian music.
Shops in the Old City of Salzburg are marked with signs representing their trade, such as a key for a locksmith.
Salzburg was the birthplace of the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
His home is now a museum.
There is a chocolate shop filled with chocolates with Mozart's picture on them.
There is also the summer home of Maria Theresa and her 16 children.

Salzburg was the home of the Von Trapp family whose story was told in The Sound of Music. Some of the scenes from the movie were shot on location here. This garden was where Maria and the children hid from the Nazis.

The Salzburg Music Festival is still held in front of the Cathedral.

The physicist Christian Doppler, who discovered the Doppler Effect was also born in Salzburg. His work is the basis for Doppler Radar.

Vienna was the birthplace of the Waltz King,
Johann Strauss, Jr. Unfortunately, his childhood home is now a McDonalds. We attended a delightful classical chambermusic concert in a palace owned by the prince of Liechtenstein.

The first half was music of Mozart, and the musicians wore costumes from that period.
The second half was music by Strauss, and the musicians and dancers were dressed in the costumes of his time.
The offices of Austria's president and federal chancellor are located in Vienna in the Hofburg Complex, a former palace of the Hapsburgs.
Adolf Hitler gave a famous speech to the Austrians from this balcony.

We toured the Vienna Opera House.

We ate lunch in the Cafe Mozart where we had crispy Wienerschnitzel. Sacher Torte is one of the best known desserts.

Vienna was also the home of the Father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He often enjoyed coffee at the Cafe Landermann.

We visited Schoenbrunn Palace.

This was the palace of Empress Maria Theresa and the place where Marie Antoinette grew up.

We viewed the city from high atop the Prater Wheel. This ferris wheel was built over one hundred years ago.
Each car holds about 25 people.
It moves slowly and is designed as a way to see the city rather than as an amusement park ride.

We took a ride through the Vienna Woods and saw the beautiful blue Danube River. The river was diverted so that it would no longer travel through the city of Vienna itself.
We ate dinner in the wine village of Grinzing and enjoyed some local musicians there.

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