Monaco is a tiny principality found on the Riviera between France and Italy. French is its official language and the French Franc is its currency.

Monaco has a high elevation and offers spectacular views.

It is best known for the city of Monte Carlo with its casino.
Monaco is a beautiful resort area for wealthy and famous people.
Across from the casino is a garden with an exhibit of American sculpture.

Prince Ranier III is the reigning monarch.

He was married to an American actress named Grace Kelly, who then became Princess Grace. She was killed in a tragic automobile accident in 1982. Fresh flowers are still placed on her grave inside the cathedral.

Monaco is a lovely old city with narrow streets.
Beautiful flowers such as this bougainvilla grow in the warm climate.
There is a well-known Oceanographic Institute that was formerly headed by Jacques Cousteau.

Outside is a Yellow Submarine and an Octopus' Garden.

Monaco has a marina with many luxurious yachts. There are plans to widen the harbor to enable more cruise ships to dock here.

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