We passed through the border crossing from Switzerland to the Principality of Liechtenstein. Prince Hans Adam II was the ruling monarch at the time of our visit, but as of August, 2004, he has handed over the power to his son, Crown Prince Alois. Liechtenstein is a very small country, just 160 square km, about 9/10 the size of Washington D.C. The prince has several palaces outside of Liechtenstein, including one in Vienna where we attended a concert.

Most of the people speak German. They have no currency of their own except for collectors; instead they use Swiss Francs. One of their major sources of income is stamps, which are sold to philatelists. The other major industry is banking.
We stopped for lunch in the Cafe Pfanne.
The sign painted on the cafe's wall tells the story of the Antipope John XXIII's cart's turning over and his falling into the snow at this location in 1414 on his way to the Council of Constance.

The views of the Alps were gorgeous.

The railroad travels along the mountainside.

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